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Global Ready Network

KOSMOGUARD™ with its patented 'Monitoring System' is one of the world’s first Internet ready smart security alarm and data monitoring systems. It is one of the first implementations of Internet of Things (IoT) relating to continuous local data collection, remote analysis and intelligently taking appropriate action based on rules. KOSMOGUARD™ with its vast understanding of secure, remote data monitoring is implementing new building blocks in establishing secure cloud based global data applications and services.

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Quantum Based Nodes

A global QUANTUM Blockchain network was established for the creation and management of cryptographic Secure Keys and as a High Speed Quantum Random Number Generator. We utilise high speed 'True Quantum Random Number Generators' (TQRNG) to produce numbers that are truly random. With a strong security foundation KOSMOGUARD™ is creating trust in transactions and secure key management within the security industry as a whole. The entire KOSMOGUARD™ platform is highly flexible, interoperable and can communicate and exchange data with other major global networks.

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Data Driven Innovation

The world of digital entertainment is here with products that merge audio, video, television, radio, the Internet and multimedia. In the domestic environment data communications are providing control mechanisms for almost everything in the home. Cybersecurity Services is now our major focus and by combining our patented Monitoring Process with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts we are now on the cusp of a new innovative breakthrough.

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Multi Biometrics Platform

We do not focus on any one biometrics solution; rather, from our armoury of biometrics based solutions we offer the best fit the customer’s requirements. Our core focus is to provide a 'Biometrification' processes for the security demands of government and private enterprise. We engage on projects with multi-modal biometric applications with Face, Voice, Iris, Signature and Fingerprint solutions. KOSMOGUARD™ has developed core Intellectual Property (IP) and will continue to further enhance the product range.

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Cloud Security Services

We are introducing revolutionary new SECURITY products and services into the cloud based global monitoring and personal cybersecurity marketplace. Collected data resources are processed for Big Data analytics. These are utilised within the decision making process for industry, corporate, government and into social life. Our network of QUANTUM based nodes, our ability to analyse vast streaming data and our connectivity with billions of sensors in realtime will propel KOSMOGUARD™ as a successful Innovator.

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Blockchain Technology

The KOSMOGUARD™ platform utilises multi-blockchain technology to underpin the highly secure nature of the transactions. When applied to major industry sectors the process cuts costs significantly while maintaining high security levels on a real-time basis. KOSMOGUARD™ tokens are utilised within the platform for digital domain conversions, transaction payments and for the authentication and authorisation of members. The smart contract when encoded onto the KOSMOGUARD™ blockchain is visible to everyone.

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RIDGES™ Platform

The KOSMOGUARD™ Real-time Identification Data Gathering & Evaluation System (RIDGES™) product facilitates secure communications and data transfer between field staff at the scene of crime and Head Office. The System also provides a very user-friendly interface into the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to facilitate latent fingerprint matching. The identification system performs a “one-to-many” comparison of biometrics data.

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Details of major available features
Security Compliant


The entire KOSMOGUARD™ system is highly flexible, interoperable and can communicate and exchange data with other major global networks.

Cryptographic Management


The cryptographic key management system provides policies, procedures, components and devices to protect, manage and distribute cryptographic keys.

Complex Process


This includes generating, exchanging, protecting, storing, using and replacing encryption keys throughout their full life cycle.




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The KOSMOGUARD™ CYBER SECURITY NETWORK is a global personal online cyber security system.